1. How do I order/book you?

You can book my services by filling in the form on the contact page or email me directly hello@junocalligraphy.com Please add as much information as you are able to give away about your upcoming event. For a rough guide to my process please go here

2. How far ahead should I book you for my project?

For wedding calligraphy (i.e envelopes, place cards) it would be best to contact me with your requirements as soon as possible. This could be anything between four weeks or 6 months in advance to ensure you can get a spot on my schedule – and to avoid rush fees. For other bespoke calligraphy commissions, it really depends on your deadline and the time I have available in my schedule. But don’t hesitate to reach out – I should be able to work something out

3. I would like you to design our wedding suite, what is the process?

Currently I am only offering on-the-day wedding/event stationery (place cards, seating charts and so on) and anything else that is bespoke and does not required a printer and can be handwritten.

4. Can you provide me with samples?

Since all I do is bespoke I do not offer or sell samples. Please do have a look through my website, and my social media pages to gain some insight into my style and the things I do.

5. Do you have a price list for calligraphy?

Please check the price list for a rough guide on costs. However, as calligraphy is by nature bespoke please get in touch with details on your requirements so I can provide you with a tailored quote.

6. What colour inks can you write in?

I can write in most colours! Everything depends on the item you would like to have your calligraphy done. Please note that metallic inks are available at an extra cost per job.

7. How would you like me to send you names and addresses or text for commissions?

Anything that will be written by me needs to be sent as either a spreadsheet (Excel file is best) or as Word file.

Please check for typos and spelling errors before sending your document since I will be writing word-for-word what I see on the file I received from you. Errors that have been overlooked by the customer can be amended at an extra cost.

8. Do I need to provide spare envelopes/ invitations?

Yes. Please provide an extra 20% (e.g. 100 envelopes + 20 more = 120 total envelopes) to allow for the inevitable mistake or mishap. 

9. Do you write on wood, glass, leaves ?

I can write on many different surfaces. Prices will depend on the type of ink needed for a certain surface. Please note that due to environmental issues I will work only with recycled acrylic which may increase the cost of your project.

10. I like this design/calligraphy script. Can you replicate this for me?

Due to copyright infringements I will not copy an existing script, invitation or design created by someone else. We are happy to use an idea as an inspiration though.

11. What is your turnaround time?

There is usually  a 14 days turnaround. However, during the wedding and Christmas it does get very busy and the turnaround time might change from 14 to 28 days… so please do get in touch as soon as possible so I can book you in my diary.

12. If I need items quickly, can I have them rushed?

Please note that rush jobs incur an additional fee.

13. How do I pay you for my order?

I will send you an online invoice once your order and numbers have been finalized. You can either pay by credit card or by bank transfer. 

14. Do I need to put down a deposit?

Yes. If your project costs £200 or over and you would like to reserve time in my calendar, and ensure the completion of that project by your specified due date, a 60% non-refundable deposit is required. The balance (i.e 40%) would have to be cleared before finish item can be send to you.